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Low cost websites with a quick turn-around

Need professional website design services but have a tight budget? Unsure what you want? Or would you rather see how exactly your website will function before you commit to paying for it?

A pre-designed website could be the perfect solution for you.

Simply choose from these ready made web designs (we can help shortlist a selection for you if you prefer), provide a logo and details about your business, and your website could be ready for public viewing in just a few days!

Like some elements from one website template, but also something else from another?

Do you require some additional features in your website

We can custom design your website just the way you’d like.

Choose the design that contains the most of what you want, then in your order form, mention the item numbers of the other designs from which you would like us to use certain elements.

Most templates can work for any industry. For example a template displaying photos of a medical clinic could serve as a real estate website if it were to display photos of homes instead.

Feel free to call us 1300 576 318 to discuss your needs.

Tailor-made Website Design

To maintain visual consistency with the other marketing material of your business, and to present a unique identity on your website, the Lime Marketing and Web Development team are here to assist.

Please call us 1300 576 318 or fill in a form to tell us what you want.

Our Packages

Bronze Package

Lime’s Bronze Website Design Package is our cheapest package offer. It is a single page website comprising three sections – a slideshow at the top, some text of approximately 300 words below the slideshow and then a contact form at the bottom. 

Silver Package

Lime’s Silver Website Package is a low cost solution for a small website. It includes five pages that we prepare for you. Your website can contain additional pages for which we shall quote a fee, or you can add these pages yourself later.

Gold Package

Lime’s Gold Website Design Package is a popular choice amongst our clients. It includes ten pages that we prepare for you. We provide a FREE no-obligation service in providing a short list of website designs that match your criteria.

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