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Custom Print Calendar 2022 – The Most Inexpensive Way to Advertise Your Brand

Most people have a printed calendar visible somewhere around their living or workspaces, and this is true of your customers too. The question is: are they seeing your brand on their calendars, or someone else’s? Lime’s custom calendar design service helps keep your business’s name, logo and message visible and top-of-mind for your customers, in a manner that’s both aesthetic, functional, and in line with your brand’s design language.

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What is the point of printing a custom business calendar?

Custom calendars, also called branded calendars or promotional calendars, are useful, tangible promotional products imprinted with the brand name, logo, and messages of an advertiser. Calendars personalised in this way are specially designed to match the corporate design style of the advertiser’s marketing material.

Statistics indicate that 88% of people who receive a promotional calendar remember the name of the brand on it; 83% of them go on to do business with that brand.

As a form of advertising that allows your customers to interact with it daily, custom business calendars make your brand more memorable with a high recall and recognition value. The effectiveness of promotional products such as custom branded calendars explains why they’re used so often by B2B and B2C brands alike, ranging from soft-drink makers, to banks, retail chains, tyre brands, and beyond.

How much does a custom calendar cost?

The cost of a custom promotional calendar depends on the type, size, printing material or ‘stock’, and the number of copies produced per print run.

Why should I choose Lime to design and print a custom calendar for my business?

When done right, a promotional calendar can be a highly cost-effective form of advertising that increases brand awareness for your business. Consider some of the most famous examples of successful promotional products: the limited edition Pirelli calendar, which has rich, famous people vying with each other to get their hands on a copy; or the Michelin guide books, which were initially given away free, but are now sold at premium prices.

The key to ensuring that your custom calendar is one that your customers covet and that builds your brand image, is good design. Does the calendar convey the right message? Is it suited to your brand, your audience, and the current socio-political climate? Is the layout and imagery consistent with your brand’s character and tone-of-voice?

These are details to which most personalised calendar printers pay little to no attention; they’ll just plonk in your logo and a bunch of images, which can result in a poorly designed calendar that doesn’t promote your brand image or message – or worse, that ends up consigned to the recipient’s waste bin.

With Lime’s expertise in design and marketing communication, your custom print calendar is sure to not only look good, but also be functional, well-finished, and on-point with a brand message and image that impresses your audience throughout 2022!

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